Other Services

ACE Global has developed an extensive database on numerous commodity profiles ranging from soft commodities to petroleum, metals, etc. This information can be valuable for banks and traders alike as can help them in understanding commodities which they may finance.

The ACE GLOBAL has developed training programs on the basis of its expertise in credit support and risk assessment and mitigation as well as our field experience spanning over 46 countries. Our innovative products and bespoke documentation allow capturing information and data right in the field. The ACE Global training materials comprise of a step by step presentation of the solutions that ACE Global offers to financiers as against their internal product programs, whilst devising our very own product programs to suit the structuring needs – (finance against warehouse receipt, supply chain financing, import and export finance, commodity exchange etc.).

The ACE GLOBAL Advisory program helps banks involved or interested in providing Structured Trade and Commodity Finance or STCF, in setting up the STCF desk and also improving the existing processes and systems. The program also provides advice on assessment, management and mitigation of risks related to logistics and financing of commodities. This service is provided through dedicated advisory and training programs to banks and financial institutions upon request. Specialized workshops, conferences and seminars are conducted where ACE Global experts present these concepts illustrated by practical examples and case studies.

Information is the lifeblood for a financier or trader for taking decisions on whether to lend or supply and if so, on what terms. We can assist you in providing the hands-on, intensive analysis of an operator’s condition and standing where required and the provision of essential and accurate on the spot investigation. Our Audit Services help our clients obtain quantitative and qualitative information on the borrower’s operation on a specific transaction and to carry out intensive analysis of the borrower’s condition and standing. This becomes a possibility as ACE Global is in continuous contact with the borrower assets and we can seamlessly extend our services into related requirements involving management of collateral, other assets or specified operations. This includes developing secondary markets for collateral, valuation of trading assets, vetting debtor turnaround , arranging alternative credit or financing and the sale or liquidation of distressed credit.

This Service is provided through the issuing of weight and quality certificates based on systematic weighing and the quality control of taxable traded goods. This, results in taxes being paid based on certified weight and quality. This is a much more accurate and transparent approach to collecting actual taxes than paying tax on a theoretical basis. The service is available to government bodies as well as producer organizations and other professional associations that benefit from commodity based earmarked resources.

ACE GLOBAL provides aid monitoring solutions that are invaluable tools for non-profit / developmental organizations. It is imperative to know that the funds being provided in aid are not being misused and making such operations successful through good governance, accountability and transparency. At ACE GLOBAL Depository, we strive to ensure that the recipient bodies meet the requirements/ standards and adhere to guidelines for distribution set out for them by the aid donors throughout the duration of the aid monitoring commitment. Our expertise as the independent supervisor provides the necessary vigilance required to ensure that aid distribution meets the objectives of the donors.

For further assistance, information and templates with regard to our Legal Advisory services, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ace-group.net. Alternatively you may wish subscribe to our premium E Learning service for a full legal appraisal and regular updates on developments within the field in various jurisdictions worldwide. Please contact us at info@ace-group.netfor further information on how to become a premium member of the ACE Global Depository E-Learning platform.